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native chris stevens is underway. highway and three other americans were killed in the september 11th assault in libya. with three weeks to go before the election, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking personal responsibility for the attack. republicans have blamed the white house for not doing enough to secure the come pound, but clinton says when it comes to protecting u.s. diplomats oversea, the buck stops with her. >> i know there's been a lot of attention paid to who said what when. but what happened is more important, we were attacked. everybody in the administration has tried to say what we knew at the time with the caveat that we would learn more. and that's what happened. >> three separate investigations are underway to determine who knew what and when. now back out live to san francisco city hall where mourners are remembering fallen
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ambassador chris stevens tonight. we are there now. >> reporter: a memorial for the ambassador started at 4:30, at san francisco city hall. it was filled an hour before that. that holds 700 people. they opened up one of the courthouse rooms right next door and began a televised feed in that room for the overflow crowd. people continue to come in to listen to the long list of specious that -- list of speakers. the san francisco mayor welcomed the gathering today and said that america has lost a true hero. >> we have lost a true hero to our nation. his accomplishments and generosity lives on in all of the places that he has served, promoting mutual respect,
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understanding and cooperation through international relationships. ambassador stevens is an inspiration to all of us. i did something -- >> reporter: now stevens grew up here in california. spent a lot of time as many bay area people know, attending uc berkeley and going to law school as well. he called the bay area his home for years and years before joining the peace corp and being shipped overseas. there are a lot of dignitaries here today. former secretary of state is here, u.s. senators are in attendance as well as many friends here from the bay area. and they'll remember him throughout the afternoon before they retire to one of the other offices for a small reception for family and friends.
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>> thank you for that. the memorial is right now on our website. now breaking news, the usgs says a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck just west of portland, maine. it was felt as far south as boston. it struck about 45 minutes ago. it was about three miles deep. so far, no reportsover damage or injuries. this is the second biggest earthquake in maine's history. and we are less than an hour away from round two of the presidential debates. you are looking live at final preparations under way in new york. -- preparations are underway in new york. who has the most to prove tonight. >> reporter: well, mitt romney strong performance in the first debate gave his campaign a strong boost. tonight, the obama campaign is promising a more energized president. the questions now, will it be enough and how will the
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candidates navigate the format? an upbeat president barack obama emerged from the virginia resort where he has spent three days practicing for debate number two. >> how are you feeling about tonight? >> fabulous. >> reporter: the president knows he has to deliver. most agree that mitt romney won round one and saw a boost in the polls. the republican white house hopeful arrived on long island for the debate at the university after his own intense preparations. >> i would say governor romney will win by a slight majority. but i think that's all he has 20 do right now. >> reporter: a -- he has to do right now. >> reporter: a few miles away, voters say they'll be glued to the tvs, but most have already made up their minds. >> voting for romney. >> reporter: why? >> i think he has lead the country in a better direction. >> reporter: you don't the think that romney is going to beat him again? >> definitely not.
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he was nervous. >> reporter: campaign watchers say the format will present a challenge for president barack obama. he has to appear aggressive towards romney while not turning off the undecided voters asking the questions. while romney needs to seize the opportunity to improve his like likability numbers and show that he can connect with voters. >> and joe, as you know, it's a town hall format. a lot of pun did its say both candidates need to though empathy. >> the questions are coming from audience members. and this is an opportunity, even though it's a certain situation. you are communicating that you understand what they are saying and maybe you can relate. but the other component that is so important and women are looking for tonight, you have to be showing that you're listening to somebody. one complaint women make about men and you have male
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candidates. >> and empathy can be tough. and the moderator. she's not supposed to ask questions on her own. but she can ask follow-up questions. will that be difficult? >> no, i think she will ask as many as she can get away with. she's a journalist and then a moderator. and privileged to do this. but i think she said and frankly, even if somebody is participating, i agree, if she sees that the questions are not being answered, either candidate defaulting to a stump speech stance, she's going to say, well, you didn't answer the question that was asked. and i think that's fair for a moderator to do. >> and there's a precedent said when tom asked his own questions too. >> and one more time, the difference between asking your own questions and sort of keeping the candidates honest when they haven't answered the question that the voter asked. >> all right. thank you so much. and of course, you can watch
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the debate right here on cbs 5. it starts after the cbs evening news. as for the format, each candidate is supposed to have two minutes to respond to the question. and then there is time for follow-up. we will watch that closely. romney will get the first question. >> and the presidential candidates are answering your questions online. they are tackling a different issue every day. today's topic, national defense. voting equipment was put to the test today. election officials ran hundreds of test ballots through the machines, making sure they're ready for the big day. >> these are all the scanners that go to our polling places that the people put their ballots in to tally the results. we're testing these machines to make sure that they are counting accurately and assigning the right vote to the right candidate. >> crews will continue testing the equipment for another week. checking bay area
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headlines. a mom accused of ditching her daughter after an attempt to steal groceries has been released from jail. she went before a judge today. she faces charges of burglary and contributing. she is expected back in court next month to enter a plea. a missing plane that took off from half moon bay was found just west of the airport this afternoon. the pilot was killed in the crash. his wife reported him missing after he did not land at an arizona airport. his name is not being released. the cause of the crash is under investigation. an overnight fire left a restaurant supply store in shambles. firefighters spent nearly two hours battling the blaze. crews managed to prevent flames from spreading to nearby billings. no one was hurt. flash robberies are hitting upscale bay area stores and police believe a gang of girls are behind the organized crime.
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store owners know the thieves as the rainbow girls. >> reporter: yeah, the police don't want to formally name them, but like i say, store owners, security guard, they have told us they refer to the girls as the rainbow girls. they swarm into a store, five, seven, eight at a time, and some distract the shopkeepers while the others stuff as much merchandise as they can into their bag. people come from all over the world to shop the high end boutiques of union square. and police say a group of local girls is frequenting the area. a gang of shoplifters known as the rainbow girls: she has seen them in action. >> come in pacts and then start distracting the workers and then once they get the opportunity, they'll like, you know, stash. >> reporter: last month, we showed you this video of a group of girls arrested following a mass shoplifting at the union square store.
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the cops informally call them the rainbow girls because they often dress and dye their hair in bright colors. a group of seven young women, ages 15 to 20 were wearing more subdued outfit when is they struck friday at 2:15 in the afternoon. they're not allowed to talk on camera because of the corporate policy, but employees say the girls immediately spread out once they got in the store. others starting grabbing items and stuffing them in their shopping bags. >> reporter: the store clerk grabbed stuff out of their hand and tried to lock them in the store in an effort to hold them for police. they got away. other clerks tell me they have been hit by the gang many recent day, including this one that had the glass front door shattered. the girls slammed it shut while escaping with a few stolen goods. in this latest incident, the thieves only got away with a
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cellphone cover as well as an employee's hand bag. police say they'll have teams of investigators on the streets trying to stop this crime spree of the rainbow girls. reporting live, cbs 5. leaving a trail with every swipe of your card. how often police have used commuter records to investigate crime. good evening to you. it is the middle of october. but coming up in weather, just over the next week, a taste of summer and then winter. when both will arrival coming up. and dirt on the die monday. what the giants -- dirt on the diamond, what the giants have to say. ,,,,,,
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louis. last night's win by the giants evened the n-l-ct one game apiece. the giants left town last night for st. louis. last night's win evened the west at one game a piece. the big question before they boarded the flight, would the
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injured 2nd baseman be onboard, the answer, yes. he was taken out with this slide last night. the cardinals say it was good, hard baseball play. but the giants aren't convinced. >> what i thought was unnecessary, a slide that i think was overly aggressive. and in previously generation, it would have been call dealt with on the field. >> he is still not clear until playing game three tomorrow afternoon. was it a dirt play on the diamond? you can vote on our website. just click on the store on our home page. the 49ers are one of three teams in the running to host super bowl l in 2016 or 2617. the game will be played at the new stadium. a decision will be played in may. tracking you every time you use your clipper card. just how often police use that information in investigations.
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a simple quiet act of patriotism caught on camera. and now the man who kissed the flag gets a very special honor. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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inception in 20-10 police ad lawayers have issued search warrants for cutomer's travl
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information. c-b-s 5 report clipper card holders are being tracked. police and lawyers have issued search wants for customer's travel information. we investigate into whether it's an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: internet reports are out today that clipper cards can help authorities track your movement. there are a million such cards used all over the area on transit systems and if you register with the transportation commission when you buy it, police can subpoena records to show where suspects have and have not been. >> did i worry people knowing where i have been? >> no. you don't need to worry. >> reporter: he says there have been subpoenas, but only two. and one search warrant. out of 750,000 users daily. >> it's a tiny percentage of all the transactions. >> reporter: still, some worry and say the mtc should not store the information as they
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do currently for seven years. if you pay cash for the card, there's no perm record. and this allows tow swipe your card to see where you have been and how much money you have left. it's an app for the smart phone or tablet. we're going to use a tablet today. and there's concern that other people can find out where you have been by swiping this near the card, even if it's in the back pocket. help me out here. and now we're riding. and we're close and riding on bart here. bang that up to my butt there. we tried it several times and it never worked. it needs closer contact. but such concerns are taken seriously. histories are limited. so at the moment, clipper cards aren't. a stranger's quiet act of patriotism is caught on home
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surveillance tape. he is the unknown patriot who stopped to kiss and salute an american flag. how he is now being honored. >> reporter: he's known as the man who kissed a flag. and today he was honored by the u.s. citizenship and immigration services. he's in the front row. he is not a u.s. citizen, but was the guest of honor, receiving a warm round of applause from a room of more than a thousand people after a story was played for the crowd. it showed this, caught on a surveillance camera saluting and kissing an american flag. he was at this house passing out fliers for his daughter-in- law's house cleaning business. he did not know he was being filmed. his dad tells us that his dad
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was showing respect. >> this is an answer for the sincerity that i have and true love for the u.s. internally, i thank the u.s. for what it's done for my country, for my family, and for myself. >> reporter: he just became a u.s. citizen two years ago. his father returns to eel valve door on friday. today, friends and colleagues spent the afternoon remembering former senator specter. he died on sunday of complication from cancer. specter spent 30 years in the senate before switching to the democratic party. colleagues say he's an irreplaceable force in politics. a 14-year-old pakistani girl is impressing the world with her strength.
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she is making good progress one week after a taliban gunman shot her in the head. security is extra tight at queen elizabeth's hospital where the teenage activist is recovering. she was flown from pakistan to get her the specialized care she needs. doctors are preparing for reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to her head. >> she is not out of the woods yet. there's plenty that could go wrong. but we're optimistic that things are going in the right direction. >> a taliban gunman shot her last week as she rode home on the school bus. she made headlines for her outspoken support of girl's education. fighters say they attacked the teen because she spoke out against the group and supported president barack obama. they say if she recovers, she will try to kill her again. switching gears tonight, it was hard not the stay outside the entire day today. just so nice to absorb the
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warmth. >> what a fantastic day. just gorgeous outside. the cooling influence was not there. won't be there tomorrow. and let's hope tomorrow's score is close to this comparison between san francisco and st. louis for wednesday. st. louis, 70 degrees. but widespread thunderstorms in the forecast may be delaying the start of game three. but here, 80s with sunshine tomorrow afternoon. pretty close to that today. the sunshine outside and made it into the low 70s in the city. currently 65 in downtown. 72 for san jose. and concord, currently 81 degrees. overnight, not as chilly as the past couple nights. and fairfield, 58 degrees. the set-up, low pressure moves through western washington and british columbia and it's on the way out. and it's critical because it will allow the area of high pressure to build north.
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as it does, the offshore wind. and by tomorrow afternoon, the winds coming out of the east and northeast. that's a warm flow of air. and that will warm us up, widespread 80s and 90s tomorrow and thursday. and then back to normal. but it will be the warmest weather in two weeks. cooler temperatures, back for you on friday. and the weekend, next week a different ball game. how about a taste of we want we are rain likely for several straight days. for now, it's about summer-like weather. concord tomorrow, 11 degrees above average. highs, mid-80s. even pacifica 84 degrees. near 90 in danville. we will hit the 90s in walnut creek. and looking toasty in santa rosa. downtown san francisco, 80 degrees tomorrow. the warm stuff is tomorrow and wednesday. 80s near the bay. 90s inland. cool down friday and through
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the weekend. low 70s on saturday and sunday. rain is likely next monday and next tuesday. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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itals across the cou premium cable channels, fine dining, those are just a couple changes coming to hospitals across the country. hospitals are now getting paid based on patient reviews and that has many making dramatic changes. >> reporter: that's right. hospitals have begun training doctors to stop interrupting patients and forget pushing the button to call the nurse. some nurses are now required to carry phones. thanks to the newly instated pay for performance program that gives nearly $1 billion worth of medicaid payments based in part on patient reviews. a 27 question government survey asks things like, how often did doctors treat you with courtesy and respect? and how often were the room and bathroom kept clean? the new pay rates took effect at the beginning of the month
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and that has many hospitals upgrading services. well, the world's cheapest car is coming to the u.s. they announced they plan to start selling the no frills nano in the u.s. within the next three years. it's expected to cost about $10,000 here because it is expected to have extra features for american drivers. and some are calling eight a pr fail. the chain offered free pizza for life for anyone at the debate who would pose the all important question, pepperoni or sausage. following backlash, pizza hut is moving the contest online. the company says it will randomly select an online winner, but will honor the debate if someone poses the question. because in the words, what is more american than using the election process for product place ( give us a product
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placement? give us a call. >> i don't know if that would go over well. >> you never know. >> i'm hungry. >> pr work. >> there you go. well, we won't have a 6:00 newscast tonight due to the second presidential debate. cbs evening news is next. and right after that, cbs news will begin its special coverage of the debate. we will leave you with live pictures if the floor in new york. ,,,,,,,,,, thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me?
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